7 Ways To Stop Worrying And Start Living

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” – Jesus Christ

Do you know worrying has become endemic in our society today? The events unfolding in world before our eyes have caused many people to give in to fear. You hear of people losing their jobs. 

You also hear rumors of war.

You hear terrible news when you switch on the television. These happenings are making a lot of people worry about the future.


You don’t have to be a victim of worry. You don’t have to lose sleep over things happening around you.
Since you don’t have control over them then you should not entertain worry. In this blog post, you will learn 7 ways to stop worrying and start living.


1. Stay positive no matter what

The negativity surrounding you can cause worry to slip into your life. You must adopt positive attitude irrespective of the bad things happening around you.

You tackle things you have control over but the ones you don’t leave them alone. Being optimistic about the future also help in staying positive.
Optimistic people always expect the best outcome in any given situation. Are you an optimistic or pessimistic person? If you answered this question. then you have assess your attitude if you are pessimistic person.
You can change your attitude today

2. Practice being thankful

You must allow gratefulness to be part of your life. Grateful people tend to appreciate life. You need to have a grateful journal where you can write down things you can be grateful.

If you can learn to be thankful you will banish worry out of your life. Life can be tough but learning to be grateful can make a difference in the way you live.
Start today and write down things you can be grateful for.


3. Live one day at a time

You worry because you are fearful of the futures. Living one day at time helps you on live in the moment instead of fretting about the futures.

Are you living one day at a time or fretting about the future. You do not have control of the future but you have control over today. Seize the day and don’t allow worry to take the big part of it.
Take it one day at a time and focus on what you want to do today.


4. Keep Busy

Keeping yourself busy helps you keep your focus off the problem. There is no place for worry if you keep yourself busy. You can go for adventures of your own choice.

You can occupy yourself with good books. Sitting idle without any engagement can increase your level of worry. Occupy your time with activities which will bring value to you.


5. Help someone

Living a life of giving brings emotional satisfaction . Go out f your own way and help someone today. Helping others banishes worry from your life.

You focus on others  rather than yours. Living a life of giving is more fulfilled than receiving. Giving of your time, talent, and to help someone will bring you joy and fulfillment.
Instead of being bound by worry, you become a channel of blessing to others.


6. Volunteer Your Time

Volunteer to help a cause or charity of your choice. By doing that you are contributing to a bigger purpose. The fulfillment you get in doing his can be amazing.

Your focus is not on you but others. Don’t sit there idle, volunteer your time to a worthy a cause. Worry should not tie you down to one place.
You can make that move right now to volunteer and contribute your quota to a cause or project.


7. Don’t entertain thought of worry

You should be aware that what you are thinking affects you. It could be thought of anger, worry and depression. When you give room to these negative thoughts you give them power over your life.

Take control of that thought of worry now. Give it no place in your life. Replace those thought with hope and good expectation…



Your journey in life will be plague by many worries. Worry about your the future. Worry about losing your job.

The list goes on. What is the number one thing making you worry now?, You either face your worries or give in to them. You don’t want to live your life paralyze by worry.
 Face your worries now and apply the tips outlined above to combat them.
What can you add to the list above to stop worrying and start living. Leave your comments below.
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