Top Ten Tips For Effective Living

Life is inherently risky. There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, and that is the risk of doing nothing”- Denis Waitley

We all yearn to achieve more in our life. Nobody likes to be seen not making progress in life.  However it can be difficult sometimes.

Perhaps,  you are not seeing growth in your career,  change in you health,  finances, relationships and other important aspect of your life. This is not peculiar to you. There are many people also struggling with the same issues.  

You should not throw in the towel yet.. In this article you will learn the top ten tips for effective living.  These ten tips will help you tackle every obstacle in your career, health, relationships and finances.


Vision will help you focus on your final destination.  It is the blueprint to motivate you to breakthrough every obstacle. Do you have a vision for your career, health, finances and other areas of your life? If not, start today by writing down your short and long term visions for your life.

Put this written visions where  you can see and possible review them every month to monitor your progress.  Writing down your visions are not enough. It calls for work. Visions are what will carry you in difficulty moments

2.Goal Setting

Daily goal writing should be part of your Vision. Vision is always the bigger picture.  Writing down your daily activities is essential to help you reach your ultimate vision. It very important to set goals which are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound. 

Goal setting alone is not enough. You should put in the work to bring your goals to fruition. Have you written down your goals today?

3.Courage and Commitment

Effective living demands courage.  Life can sometimes be tough.  A book written by Dr Robert Schuller says “Tough Times Never Last but Tough People Do.” In the midst of difficult times, you need courage to forge ahead. 

You also need an unwavering commitment to tackle issues. A commitment which says, I will finish this particular goal within this specific period.

4. Consistency

Do you start a task then leave it for another? You  end up with so many unfinished tasksThe need to be consistent on your task will help you finish it in no time. Your consistency will always be the litmus test of your perseverance.

If you spend say 20 minutes everyday on a particular task continuously till the task is finish. You can say you have shown consistency.

5. Networking

The need to network will help you accelerate your success. Your networks could include mentors, mastermind groups  and forums. This will help you access timely information to enhance your life.

6. Faith

No matter how well you have prepared to take on life, there is always an element of faith you must incorporate into your life. You got to believe that you were destined to succeed.  Faith can see you through the impossible. Faith always looks for solutions instead of focusing on the problems.

7. Mindset

Your mental attitude to life plays a significant role in your success. Negative mentality, can affect your mood and motivation. You got to have a positive mentality always towards life. It can sometimes be difficult to control your thought especially in our negative world.  Determine to always maintain a positive attitude despite your circumstances.

8. Love

You can have all the success in life but without love it is meaningless. Love is the foundation success. Love for God, family, and community. People always appreciate how much you care. Make love your goal everyday.

9. Gratitude

We live in a society where people talk more about the circumstances than showing gratitude. Gratitude is an attitude you must always adopt into your life.  Make it a point to practice gratitude every morning. Practicing gratitude will make you appreciate what you have than what you do not have.

10. Attitude

The most important skill to develop in life is attitude  . The attitude you take towards any task will determine the outcome. Developing a positive attitude, is a must if you want to win in the game of life. Life is full of surprises but the only way to overcome fear, worry and anxiety is to maintain a positive attitude.

Where there is fear, worry, anxiety, replace them with faith, gratitude and joy respectively.    

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