Top 5 Habits Of Successful People

Habits of successful people“Good habits are worth being fanatical about”- John Irving 

We admire people who have climbed to the pinnacle of success. However, the struggles, despair, failures are not issues they share with the outside world. All we see is the outcome of their success.

Successful people like Donald Trump, Warren Buffett, and Richard Branson all have habits which have become rituals they follow.  These habits are common to all these people.

Habits can easily be learnt and incorporated into your  life. Are you hungry for success?

If you answered yes, then prepare to take action on the top 5 habits discussed in this article. Implementation is the key to any meaningful success you desire.

1. Successful People Read Books

According to Elizabeth Hardwick, the greatest gift is a passion for reading. Successful people are constantly updating their knowledge in their field of endeavor. They also read for inspiration and motivation. Despite their tight schedules, successful people find the time to read.

Books on personal finance, personal development, health, relationships, career and business, entrepreneurship are examples successful people read. Taking time to read is very vital in this changing world. Information is becoming obsolete quickly. What worked today might not work tomorrow. Do you take time to read during the week? I challenge you to take an hour everyday out of your busy schedule to read.

I leave you with this quote from Frederick Douglass:

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”

 – Frederick Douglass

 2. Successful People Are Action Takers

The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people are action takers. You can read all the books in the world, but if you fail to take action there is no way you will see any meaning results. Do you know that in starting any venture, you spend  most your our time learning?

I use to spend more time learning about blogging rather than going ahead to start one. If you are constantly in the learning mode, it is time to move into  the action taking mode. There is nothing like the right time. Successful people take action into the unknown. They learn as they go along. 

3. Successful People Are Goal Oriented

Successful people always map out the blueprint for whatever aspect of life they want to see success. They are goal oriented people. They set personal, business, career, relationship goals to achieve. Goals make them focus in a world full of distractions.

Writing down their goals motivates them to take action on them. Goals give successful people a sense of purpose. There are so many things which are calling for your attention. You either plan your day or you will attend to other people’s agenda.

Write down three high priority goals you want to achieve today. Follow through immediately.

4. Successful People Are Risk Takers

Successful people are not afraid to take risk. Fear of failing, is the number one reason which prevents people from taking risk. Successful people do the opposite .They  always  learn from their failures rather than their successes.

You will never be successful if you fail to take on failures as part of your journey to success.  Have you failed recently and on the verge of giving up?  You better gather the pieces and try again. Quitters they say never win. Life is always full of risks. You take risks everyday without being aware.

What then prevents you from taking risk on the big dreams you have for your life?

5. Successful People Attach Importance To Health

The number one priority of successful people is their health. A healthy mind without a healthy body is worthless. By taking care of your health everyday, you will gain the energy require to accomplish your dreams and goals.

Studies have shown that people’s heaths are compromised as result of the following:

           Too much drinking

           Too much smoking

           Too much eating

           Too much stress

           Not enough exercise

It is therefore not surprising why so many dreams and goals have been cut short as result of ill health. Do you watch what you put in your body everyday?. It is time to reclaim your health and take steps to eat healthy.

 If you have found this article helpful, what can you add to the list above by way of your contribution to this blog? Please do not forget to share by clicking on the social media share buttons. Your comments are highly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time off your busy schedule to comment. 



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