Top 8 People Skills You Should Know

people skills

Your career success in the workplace of today-independent of technical expertise-depends on the quality of your people skills”- Max Messmer Jr.

Do you know that your most important asset in life is your people skills? To achieve success in business, career and relationships people skills are non- negotiable. Identifying these people skills, is therefore  paramount to your success in life and business.

 Perhaps you have had your own personal experience with people who have shown bad people skills. The consequences of bad people skills cannot be swept under the carpet. It is important to know good people skills and incorporate them in your own life and business.

Nobody in life or business wants to suffer the consequence of bad people skills. However, you see the opposite in most cases.

In this article, you will identify the top 9 people skills you can adopt in your life and business to skyrocket your success.

1.Good Communication Skills

Communication is a very complex subject. It includes both verbal and non verbal. Your ability to communicate effectively are by active listening, understanding the views of others and how to interpret their body language. The medium of communication chosen in any particular situation is very critical. 

You need to use either verbal or written forms of communication based on the situation at hand. Leaning this skill is very vital to always win with people.

2. Empathy

Being empathetic towards people makes you feel their emotions, pain and issues they are going through. You should not consider it as sign of weakness,  This is a people skill you need to pay attention to especially when you are interacting with people.

People find it difficult to share their worries and frustrations.  Being empathetic, will allow people to open up to you.

3. Tolerance

You will always meet difficult people in life and business. Developing a tolerant attitude towards people is paramount.. You show tolerance by exercising self control and over- looking the faults of the people you interact with on daily basis.

4. Active Listening Skill

Hearing someone speak and actively listening are two different things. Active listening encourages no interruption when the other person is speaking. You finish listening before you prepare a response .Sometimes it can be difficult but constant practice of this skill is worth the price.

5. Ability to relate to others

The need to relate well with others is good people skill you should strive to pursue. You will always relate with people of different backgrounds, belief and mindset. You must break down these barriers in order to relate well people. This means you must not pre- judge people as you deal with them.

6.  Be approachable

Are you approachable? People will always move towards people who are approachable. You need to put on smiles when you are interacting with people. Action, they say speaks louder than words. Your body language will always attract or repel people. To be approachable, you must be friendly.

7. Mind Your Body Language

Most of our communication is through the non- verbal mode. That is what we term  body language. You are constantly communicating even though you are not speaking. Your facial expressions, gestures and  voice tone speak volumes to those you are interacting with.

Are you using your body language in way that it is not impacting on those you are interacting with? 

8. Patience

There is an adage that says “Patience is  a virtue”. Patience is a people skill you cannot overlook.  You need to control yourself in the face of provocation. This people skill will help you in anger management should the need arise. Dealing and interacting with people of different backgrounds can be very challenging.

You will always be confronted with situations where your patience will be tested. What will you do in such situation? The watch word is patience.  


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