Top 17 Reasons To Study A Foreign Language

study a foreign languageOne language sets you in a corridor for life.  Two languages open every door along the way.”

‒Frank Smith

Do you speak any foreign language apart from your own native language? Globalization is catching up fast on us. The need to study a new language is crucial. Many people speak English, French, Spanish, Russia, Italian and German languages. 

Restricting yourself to only one language brings a lot of limitations. Do you have a desire to learn a foreign language? Take the initiative and starting learning any language of your choice today.

In this article, you will the learn the top 17 reasons to learn a foreign language. Language is what brings interaction between people of different cultures. Difficulty understanding the language of the other person, makes your experience less memorable.

You can overcome this challenge today by enrolling on a course in a foreign language of your choice. Learning a new language will help in the following:

  • ·            It has personal benefits
  • ·            It will help you in your business and career
  • ·            It will help in your travels

 1. Foreign language helps you have positive attitudes toward people who are different. It also encourages you to be less prejudice towards people.

 2. Foreign language improves your analytical  skill especially if you are a student.

 3. You become indispensable in the marketplace if you have a a foreign language skills

 4. It can sometimes be difficult to understand other people culture. But if you speak their language it makes easy to understand their culture.

 5, Foreign Language inspires creativity. Do you want to increase your creativity? Go and pick a foreign language today and start learning.

 .. Language can be  a barrier if you want to travel to a country where you do not understand the language. But, with a knowledge of a foreign language, international travel becomes easier.

7. Learning a foreign language gives you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

 8. Listening skill is very vital in communications.  Learning a second language improves your listening skills. Your memory is also enhanced.

 9.  Ability to speak a second languages makes you marketable in the global economy. Opportunities can open for you in foreign countries.

 10.  Study of foreign language  gives you a new perspective and make you flexible and tolerant.

 11. Learning a new language makes you appreciate other cultures.

 12. You make new friends as you travel because of your ability to speak a new language. It is always exciting when you meet new people and you can communicate with them in their language.

 13. Learning a foreign language will enhance your thinking skills. This is   because you will grapple with new words in course of the  study of foreign language.

 14. Problem solving skills and understanding of abstract concepts if you study foreign language.

 15. Learning a new language makes it easy to make friends as you travel to other foreign countries.

 16. Foreign language also help you understand mainstream television and radio news. This encourages you to have a good perspective of happenings in the world.

 17. Learning a foreign language will increase your earning power. You will become  an asset to your organization


Learning a foreign language has become critical . We live in a global village. You do not want isolation because of your inability to understand foreign language.

You have read all the reasons for learning foreign a language. Which language are you planning to learn? Leave your comments below.  Learn the language of your choice

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