How To Start Your Day: Ten Quick Tips

How to start your dayDo you know how you start your day can have impact on the rest of it? You  want to get more done during the day. But, you waste the day if do not start on the right note.

Have you gone through your day and realize you have not achieved what you set out to do? I can relate to this because I sometimes feel my day has gone and have nothing to show for it.

You have to take charge of your day. You must learn ways to maximize your day.  In this blog post, you will learn 9 ways you can start your day and add meaning to it.

Starting your day on the right note, is important for your long short and long term goals.

1. Write down your most important goals

You may be familiar with goal setting. Do you take time to write down your goals everyday? Many people do not write down their goals.

Planning your day is very essential. You need to plan your day when you woke up the first thing in the morning. Starting your day by writing your goal brings focus to your day.

You get a sense of direction. Whether you are a student, stay at home mother or  father, worker, you need to write down your goals. Goal writing is habit you must incorporate in your day.

If you are very busy person it is better to write down your goals the night before. The best way to start your day is to plan it. Write down your goals for the day if you have not done it.

Remember, writing your goal is half the battle won. The second part is making sure you carry it out. A goal without execution is pointless. Go ahead and follow your goals. Reward yourself for implementing your goals.

2. Meditation

Incorporating meditation into your day is good way to start your day. Mediation helps you to relieve your anxiety and calms you down. There many ways people meditate.

Every religion has their own way of meditation. Find which one is appropriate to your situation and practice meditation every morning. Meditation has shown to reduce stress and it negative effect.

3. Express Gratitude

Gratitude is a way of appreciating what you have not focusing on what you don’t have. It is also being thankful. Expressing gratitude gets rid of anxiety and fear.

Daily practice of gratitude boosts your enthusiasm. Do you know grateful people are happy people? Don’t start your day by complaining? Rather practice gratitude when you wake up every morning? Write down three things you can be grateful ight now.

Are you going through a challenging time right now? Yet, it is a good time to practice more of gratitude. This will help start your day on the right note. Look at this article on gratitude.

4. Get rid of distractions

There are many distractions during day. Cutting through these distraction are important when you start your day. Distractions such as phone calls, television and emails are very pervasive.

To start your day right, you need to find ways to reduce these distractions. For your phone you can turn off all notifications. Set times you check all your email to prevent you wasting your time checking your email every hour.

For television, you have control over it. The best you can do is to turn it off completely. Write down things which are distracting your day. Face them and cut them for good.

5. Read a book

There is nothing so vital to read an inspiration book to start your day. Do you know successful spend part of their day reading. Reading stimulates the mind and sets you on the path to start your day.

Spend 30mins to an hour to read a motivational book every day. Below is a good one to start with right now.

6. Exercise

You want to stay energized during the day. Taking care of your body is vital to start your day. Exercise does not have to be complex. Doing simple exercises like running, walking and stretching can help start your day. You can go for a walk say every hour if you work from home.

If you work in an office, you can use the stairs instead of the lift. You can also do a couple stretches in your office

7. Stay positive

Your attitude during the day is vital. You got to be optimistic about your day. You don’t want to dwell on the negative. You will have many opportunities to be negative.

But, you can choose to stay positive irrespective of the negative situation. Choose to use positive words when you start your day. Words you use when you start your day can have impact on you.

Word like “I can’t” can ruin your day. Stop using negative words now.

8. Control your anger

Make love your aim because people will provoke you when you start your day. You got to learn to deal with offences. Don’t allow offence ruin your day. Make it your aim to forgive and get on with your day.

Love  is kind. Love is patient. Love does not keep record of the wrong.

9. Sleep and healthy eating

Sleeping for the required number of hours is important to start your day. Lack of sleep can affect your energy level during the day. You need energy to make it through the day.

Also, healthy eating is vital in starting your day. I always tell people to feed on natural food more. You are what you eat. Eat more natural food than process food to skyrocket your energy level..

10. Journaling

Find time to journal your thoughts when you start your day. Journaling is writing what is on your mind. Are you stressing about something? Write it down. All you need for this exercise is a journal and pen.

You also need say about 20 minutes everyday to journal. Here are some of the benefits of journaling:

• Boost your immune system

• Blood pressure reduced

• Lung and liver function improves

• Helps to find solutions to your problems

• Gain clarity on decisions you want to take.

With these benefits listed, you should not hesitate to journal everyday..


Starting your day on the right note should be on your mind daily. Your day is the most important in your life. You make good use of it or waste it. You wake up with many opportunities waiting for you.

You have choices to make. You have decisions to make. You need to meet your business goals. You will be interacting with the outside world.

In this post you have learnt the ten ways to  start your day. These are as follows:

• Write down your most important goals

• Meditation

• Express Gratitude

• Get rid of distractions

• Read a book

• Exercise

• Stay positive

• Control your anger

• Sleep and healthy eating

• Journaling

Start your day by following the above discussed ways. You have control of your day. Make good use of it. What are some of the ways you do to start your day?

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