The Power of Forgiveness: 7 Reasons to Forgive


“The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.”
Steve Maraboli

Have you been offended by someone recently?  It is impossible to live with people without being offended. However, you can always overlook these offenses if you practice the art of forgiveness.  Forgiveness is a daily act which you must always be mindful of.

Forgiveness can be very difficult for some people but with persistence you can easily forgive. Many people are carrying offenses they should have dropped long time ago. These offenses are impacting on their emotional wellbeing. Forgiveness directly impacts your life in so many ways.

In this article, we will look at the 7 reasons to practice to forgiveness. It is important to let forgiveness be your watch word this year. The more you forgive people, the happier you will be.

1.    Forgiveness liberates Your mind

Have you ever gone to bed and can’t sleep because you were carrying a thought of hurt in your mind? This is exactly what happens when you allow hurts to linger and do not practice forgiveness. Your mind is an integral part of your life. Allowing this negative emotion to fester in your mind will rather hurt you than the offender. Thinking on the hurts, will cloud your judgment and will prevent you from the need to forgive

2.    Forgiveness makes you Healthy

Your health is very much related to forgiveness. Your chronic illness may be as a result of you carrying deep seated hurts or offenses, An article in January issue of Harvard Women’s Health Watch suggest that forgiving those who hurt you can improve your mental and physical wellbeing. You can’t afford not to forgive because your health is of paramount importance. Your dreams, goals and aspirations are impacted if you choose to live in unforgiveness. I do not want you to shipwreck you destiny because of someone’s offense. Choose to let go of every hurt and experience a boost in your energy and vitality.

3.    Forgiveness promotes love

We are not perfect beings. We all make mistakes. The need for love is ingrained in us.  The greatest gift you can give someone is love.  Love is what covers every hurt. You were created to love. When you choose to forgive you allow your natural instinct of love to dominate. Where there is love, forgiveness flows easily. Make a commitment today to allow love to reign. How do you know you are walking in love? Love does not keep record of wrongs. It overlooks wrong and promotes harmony.

4.    You need Forgiveness as well

We all need forgiveness. How many times have you wronged people and need their forgiveness? If you need others to forgive you, you must also extend forgiveness to those who have wrong you, Forgiving yourself in the first place, helps you forgive others easily.

5.    You are not held by the Past

Forgiveness ensures you do not dwell on the past. Dwelling on past hurts cam prevent you from moving forward in life. When you allow hurts to take hold of you, your focus is affected. Expending your energy on past hurts will drain you emotionally. . Forgiving and moving past your hurt will guarantee you peace of mind and impact on your daily motivation.  I challenge you u to let go of your past hurts and give forgiveness a chance.

6.    Forgiveness drives fear

When you allow forgiveness to fester for long, the thought of the hurt rather turns into fear. Fear is a torment. Forgiving the offender rather increases you confidence. We all need confidence to face any obstacle in life. Is fear taking over your life because of  unforgiveness?                                                                                                        

7.    Forgiveness  benefits you more than the offender

The key to your own freedom from pain of the past lies in your forgiving nature. The benefits of forgiveness will always work in your favor. You must always be conscious of the fact that forgiveness will always triumph over hurt or pain. People will always offend you either at work or home. Be determined to always practice forgiveness when people do their worse.

 Are you struggling to forgive someone who has offended you? You are not alone. Many People struggle with it everyday. However, you have a choice to make. What will that  choice be? If you have found this article beneficial, help me share it.      


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