9 Ways To Develop A Positive Mental Attitude

positive mental attitudeNothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude”

Thomas Jefferson

Do you find yourself right now in a dire circumstance? You feel all odds  are against you. You seem to be in turmoil and cannot see any good coming out of your situation. This is what degenerate into negative thinking and renders you powerless.

 Thinking negative about your circumstance or challenges only produces negative outcome. You can banish those negative thoughts by looking for the good in your negative situation. Our world today is engulf in negativity. There are  constant battles in our mind to think negative.

You can learn to take  those negative thoughts and turn them into the positive. In this post, you will learn the 9 ways to develop a positive mental attitude.  Sit tight and let go for an adventure.

1.    Journal your thoughts

Journaling your thought is the best thing to do when bombarded by negative thoughts. For instance, if you feel worried, write it down. After this exercise, you write the opposite of what you should be feeling..

This should help you  know what is going on in your mind.  You will then have the chance to clear your mind and  make sure you maintain a positive mental attitude. We are being bombarded with negative thoughts. If you don’t take action quickly and  take charge of your  thoughts you will continue to feed on these toxic thoughts.

These are thoughts of anger, fear, worry and depression. The negative thoughts can result in sickness and other related health issues.  Research by the University Of California School of medicine shows  a positive mental attitude fights off stress, depression and anxiety.

These negative emotions can increase your risk of heart disease. It went on further to state that a positive mental attitude is good for your heart.

2.    Encourage Yourself daily

Encouraging yourself is one sure way of overcoming negative mental attitude. You circumstance can sometimes overwhelm you to the extent that you feel like giving up. Instead of giving up so soon, you could  practice encouraging yourself.

Alternatively you can listen to motivational podcast or music  of your choice. Are you currently experiencing overwhelm?

3.    Associate with positive and enthusiastic people

There is saying that  “birds of the same feathers flock together. Your association plays a very major role in your mental attitude. Associating  with negative people can impact on your mental attitude.

It is very important you choose your association with care.  Find positive and enthusiastic people and associate with them. I will urge you to avoid negative people who are in your inner circle. Negative people attitudes could creep into your life without you being aware.

Choose to associate with happy people and you will catch their infectious attitude.

4.    Hope

Hope is being optimistic the  future is going to be better than your  present challenges.  You need to ignite  this attitude every waking moment of your life. If you do not hope for the best in the future you can  give in to worry, fear and anxiety.

Hope is the motivational force which propels you to have an expectation of  a better future. Many people  have abandoned their dreams and goals because they lost this element of hope.. If you lose hope because of your current challenges, you stop living.

You are meant to live life to the full. Life is not suppose to be  drudgery.. Are you maintaining hope or giving up on hope. I challenge you kindle your hope once again. Keep it alive daily.  

5.    Gratitude

Do you feel grateful each waking moment of your life?  Practicing gratitude is a boost for mental attitude. A grateful person tend to appreciate both the positive and negative aspect of  life. I have gratitude journal where  I record things am grateful for.

Write down 3 things you can be grateful for’  Grateful people tend to worry less and have a positive attitude to life in general. Gratitude must be part of your daily routine if you want to maintain a positive mental attitude. Take time off every morning and practice gratitude before you start your day.

Take a look at this article I wrote on the reasons to practice gratitude.

6.    Love Yourself

Loving yourself is fundamental to your wellbeing and those around you. Loving yourself enable you to appreciate how special and unique you are. People who love themselves tend to be happy and tend to have positive outlook to life.

If you love yourself, you will not allow negative thoughts to sabotage your happiness. Take time out today to love yourself. Loving yourself  helps you to love others without any condition.

Loving yourself also drives away any insecurity you may be harboring.

7.    Volunteer to Help Others

Volunteering to help others takes your focus off your present challenges. You will feel empowered because you adding value to other people. Contributing meaningful to enhance other lives will also inspire your confidence.

Take time to do some volunteering if you feel like you have lost your sense of purpose. When you discover your purpose, you drown the voice of negative mentality.

8.    Be selective of the news information and music you listen to

Do you know that what you listen to can affect your mental attitude. You need to be very selective of the kind of music or news information you  listen to.

There is a saying that “Garbage in, Garbage out”. You have got to guard your ear if you want maintain a positive mental attitude.

9.   Forget the Past

Dwelling on the past only aggravate your emotions and makes  you feel stuck. People who dwell on the past hardly see an opportunity when it knocks on their door. Your future holds more opportunities than the past.

You cannot correct the past. The only thing you can do with your past is to learn from it. You do not want to dwell on the past to keep you in a  cycle of regret and negative thinking.

I challenge you to leave the past behind and press on to new dreams and goals. Take time today and write down the things you want to achieve in the short and long terms.


Living with a positive mental attitude is a constant struggle for many people. But, you can identify those toxic thoughts and replace them with positive ones. You have learnt the various ways to develop a positive mental attitude. These are:

·         Journaling your thoughts

·         Encourage yourself daily

·         Associative with positive and enthusiastic people

·         Hope

·         Practice Gratitude

·         Love yourself

·         Volunteer to help others

·         Be selective of the news information and music you listen to

·         Forget the past

 You do not have to allow negative thinking to dominate your mind any longer. The damage it can have on your health is too much a price to pay. Start today by learning to develop a positive mental attitude

 What can you add to the list above and what is your opinion on developing a positive mental attitude? Leave your comments below.

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  1. Loving yourself makes all else go. When you have self love, the Universe loves you back. Mirrors the love back to you, through the folks you reach out and connect with, through the value you share and through the beautiful positive energy you emit to the world. Inspired tips E!


    1. Spot on Ron. I believe we will save ourselves a lot of heart aches if we make self love our foundation for living. we live in an imperfect world but we got to keep loving ourselves and in turn loving others unconditionally. We set others free when we have self love. Thanks for sharing Ryan.
      Have a wonderful day.

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