11 essential leadership skills to adopt into Your Life Now

leadership skillsLeadership is not a title. A skill set to have in your life, career, business and relationships. Leadership plays in the mind of a lot of people as an elevated position.

But, you  can learn the key essential leadership skills and adopt them in your personal  life. We are living in a  period where leadership is no longer for the reserve  few.

Everyone reading this post is a leader. It is time to release your leadership potential to your sphere of influence.  I challenge you to pursue your leadership goals today.

Learn the 11 essential leadership skills spelt out in  this blog post.

1.    Leadership by example

Every leader I know lead by example. People are watching your behavior and conduct as you go about your duty. It is imperative to exemplify an attitude which people can attest to.
If you lead by example, you will have the confidence to instruct others to do whatever needs done. The role of any leader is to carry out the goal or vision. Set an example  in achieving the goal or vision.  This will have a profound effect on your leadership ability.
 Are you leading by an example or don’t care whatever happens to your leadership skill?

2.    Drive and Passion

Leadership acts as an agent for change.  To bring about change, a leader needs to have a   drive and passion to motivate those around him or her. Your drive and passion can inspire others.
Are you enthusiastic about your work? This one trait can distinguish you among your peers. People will follow those who bring drive and passion to their work.

3.    Learn to organize

Being organized as leader, helps to ensure that the people you manage learn to organize too. If you are not organized, it leads to lack of focus which in turns impacts your results. I
t is expedient to learn how to organize yourself before you can lead others. Have you worked with people who seem not organized in their life? Learn to organize by planning your day to day work or activities.

4.    Effective communication

Learning to communicate with your team is a skill you must thrive at all times. Dealing with people of different personalities can be very challenging. Learn to study the people you are working with and find out what make them tick. Learn to speak their language.
This will help you devise an effective communication method. When people express their opinion and views, it  make them want to communicate. Feedback is good strategy you can adopt in all your communications.

5.    Learn to Delegate

You cannot do all the work. You need others to help you complete any major task. The art of delegating task is a core competence of any leader. Leaders who carry out the burden of all the workload will burn out in no time.
It is expedient as leader to always delegate work. By so doing you avoid overwhelm and increase efficiency in your work.

6.    Be a Listener

Having a listening ear as a leader, encourages exchange of ideas in your team. People will pass on vital information to you because there is always someone who listens. Are you a leader who listens? 
Develop your listening skills as leader if you want to achieve your goals in a short time as possible. We live in a society where we tend to talk more than we listen.  Great listeners don’t talk much. They prefer to listen before talking.

7.    Inspire

Are you able to inspire people with your actions and your way of living? A leader who has the ability to inspire others to complete a task has what it takes to be inspirational leader. What one thing are you doing today to inspire someone to take action on their goals or dream?
The best way to inspire people,  is by exhibiting that inspiration yourself. If am an avid reader and people see that, it will definitely inspire them to start practicing  reading.

8.    Creative

Are you courageous to bring out new ideas to experiment in your life? We live in a world where things keep changing. A leader needs to adopt new ways of doing things. Looking for creative ways of doing things is a skill set every leader must hone be outstanding.
The competition is very fierce and the need to be creative cannot ignored. Are you a leader who refuses to adopt creativity in your own life?  Take a look at this article I wrote on creativity.

9.    Discipline

One of the lost arts in our society today is discipline. Being discipline can be tough, yet with focus and determination you can master it.  You said you want to start that business. Okay, are you discipline enough to carry it out to completion?
Let say, you decide to journal everyday. Are you discipline enough to carry it out every day? You see discipline is very hard in practice. If you want people to see you as a go to leader, you must show discipline in all aspect of your life.
Are showing discipline in your career, business, relationship and life? If not, it is time to keep practicing being discipline, which is an essential habit of great leaders.

10.  Be positive

Living with negative people can have negative impact on your life. Your associations are very important to propel you to your desired results in life. It is time to make conscious effort to choose friends or people you associate with.
If you stay around people who are negative, chances are that you will pick that habit. A leader always shows a can do attitude and have a positive outlook in any negative situation

11.  Commitment

Are you the type of person who always see a project to completion or quit when the going gets tough? It is very easy to give up when you face failure. But, to be an outstanding leader you’ve got to commit to see things through.
Commitment is an essential leadership skill if you want be  a leader. This unwavering attitude  is the  hallmark of outstanding leaders. They never give up. They commit to the task.  On a scale of 1 to 10, how can you rate your own commitment? 
Mine will be 6 on the scale. I am daily improving on my commitment level. What is yours? Leave it in the comment below.
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  1. Hi Emmanuel,

    I love #8 dude. So much of what I do online is just having fun but creating flows from that fun.

    Leaders create to enjoy the ride, to help others and to set an example. Some prospective authors scared on the fence dive in and write their first eBook for self-publishing after learning I have 124 eBooks on Amazon. If I can write 124, they know AT LEAST they can do 1 LOL. Love it though, because creating helps, and inspires others to create.

    Win-win, as all is in this loving Universe.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Signing off from Thailand.


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