How to be Consistent: 6 Secrets to get things done

How To Stay ConsistentDo you struggle with consistency in your life? You are not alone in this struggle. We all struggle with it in one way or the other. Every dream or vision you see today was as a result of consistency. Consistency is the fuel for carrying out every dream or goal to fruition.

 Do want to get result in your life? You must build consistency into whatever you doing right now. In this blog post you will learn the 6 secrets top performers use to be consistent.

1. Be crystal clear of your why

Chasing your dream or goal for the sake of it without any tangible reason will end in frustration. You have got to have a strong why you are pursuing that goal, or dream. You have things right now you want to achieve. But have you  written down strong reasons why you want to achieve them.

 If your reasons are not strong enough, you end up not following it to the later. I challenge you find reasons why you doing what you do or want to achieve your goal. Remember to attach a compelling reason for what you do.

 2. Focus on one thing

Do you have any projects you are working on right now? You feel overwhelmed and feel like quitting. This is a result of focusing on so many things. You need to stop right now and focus on only one and bring it to completion. You and I live in a society full of so many distractions.

You focus on so many things such that at the end your day you dont achieve your desired goals. Focus on, finish it and move on the next.

3. Schedule your priorities

You must outline your priorities everyday. Once you do that you schedule them and follow through. You can do all things if you learn to prioritize them. Scheduling your day make you focus on what you want to do for the day.

 Steven Covey made a profound quote on the need to schedule. Here is what he said “Don’t prioritize your schedule, schedule your priorities.

 4. Ignore your inner feeling

When you are consistent with your goals there are times when you feel like not going after them. You can overcome these feelings if you just ignore them and go ahead,

5. Don’t beat yourself down

Consistency can sometime be difficult. When you experience inconsistency with your goals don’t beat yourself down. You can readjust and get back on the path of consistency again.

 You must take time to check yourself on your consistency from time to time. By doing that you will know where you are I with constancy. .

 6. Shut down Your Distractions

Distraction is the number one killer of consistency. Do you realize anytime you are on a project you experience some kind of distraction? Distraction from social media, television and notifications on your phone.

 You need to identify your own distractions. Find a way of shutting them down to enhance your consistency.


You want to be consistent throughout the year. There are deep seated goals and dreams you want to achieve. But, you have not been consistence with your goals. You need to identify ways you can overcome your inconsistent habits.

 To  achieve your goals and dreams here are the secrets we have identified so far:

• Be crystal clear on your why

• Focus on one thing

• Schedule Your Priorities

• Don’t beat yourself down

• Ignore Your inner feelings

• Shut down Your distractions

Go ahead and put into practice these secrets and kill your inconsistence habit once and for all. You deserve to achieve dreams and goals. Don’t allow inconsistence to rob you of your dreams and goals. What is the number one thing you do to be consistent? Leave your comments below. Watch the video below.


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