7 Ways To Effect A Change

  “By changing nothing, nothing changes.” -Tony Robbins

Do you know people are resistance to change? Change can be difficult espercially if you are used to a particular way of living or doing things. Do you feel stuck in life?   It is time to change direction and move towards your dreams and  aspirations.

We see change occurring everywhere.  Americans recently voted for change in their recent election. We see change in the technology world. Your phone model is constantly undergoing changes. Information you consume today is subject to change in the future.  This is a clarion call that we cannot remain in the same position without effecting a change.

In this article, we will outline the 7 ways to effect a change in any situation you might be facing currently. Perhaps, you want to effect a change in your finances, relationships, health and emotions.  I will suggest you take these 7 ways and implement them immediately to effect the change you desire.

1. Desire and Hunger for change

Are you hungry for success? Your desire and hunger for a change is what will push you to effectively focus on your dreams. I remember when the people of South Africa were under the apartheid regime, they expressed the desire for freedom through songs of liberation.

They showed the world they desire and hunger for freedom. That freedom did not elude them.  You must show relentless desire and hunger everyday to enable you effect the change you are looking for in any area of your life.

2. Be Hopeful

Do you remember when President Barack Obama was campaigning for his election in 2008 he used the slogan “Yes We Can”? He was actually giving people hope for the future. If you are not hopeful then you slide into hopelessness.

You cannot effect any meaningful change, if you do not show an attitude of hopefulness.  Hope is what drives out fear and gives you the courage to take the risk necessary to effect a change. I challenge you to hope for better relationships, better finances, better career and a better future. 

Being hopeful  and couple with action are what will bring you the change you desire.

3. Take Action

You hear the phrase “taking action” these days on the lips of many successful people. Implementation is always the key to any effective change. Many people desire change but only few people take the necessary action to effect that change.

How many times have you bought say a book and not left it gathering dust?  We leave it lying on our shelves instead of reading it.  Action taking is what you need to focus on if you want to effect any change.

4. Have a Blueprint

Do you have a blueprint for the life you want you want live?  You lose focus and cannot effect a change if you do have an intentional blueprint you want to follow. You got to spend time to write down the change you desire and brainstorm ideas of how to achieve them.

The blueprint becomes your focal point and gives you a sense of direction.  We all take time to plan our holidays and write down our itinerary. Therefore, it is important you take time and have a plan for what you want and how you want to achieve it.  

5. Set Deadlines

The fact that you have written down your goals and aspiration does not mean it will come to fruition automatically. You need to set definite timelines for all of them. Deadlines will add urgency to your goals and what your priorities should be.  I know how busy your life can be.

 However, if you want to effect change you need to practice setting deadlines.  According to Parkinson’s Law, work expands to fill the time available for it completion.

Start today with simple tasks and set deadlines to accomplish them. For example, you can take an hour or two to finish these tasks. Keep practicing these for the next twenty one days and see how you perform. 

 6.  Gratitude

Practicing the act of gratitude can sometimes be difficult especially when you are going through a tough time. It is known antidote to depression and anxiety. Studies have shown that practicing gratitude reduces feeling of depression and lessens anxiety.

Do you take time to practice gratitude? Make a list of all the things you can be grateful for.  Practicing gratitude will speed up the change you want to effect in no time. 

7. Networking

We cannot effect a change without networking with others. No man or woman is an island. You need the wisdom, knowledge or advice of others to effect the change you so desire. You can network with people who have gone through similar challenges like yours and learn how they effected a change ‘

You don’t need to meet this people in person. You can read their books and glean the tips and strategies they used in effecting change. Start today and write down few names you can reach out to. Listen to their counsel or read their stories on how they effected change in the areas you so desire.


If you have found this article helpful, what can you add to the list above by way of your contribution to this blog? Please do not forget to share by clicking on the social media share buttons. Your comments are highly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time off your busy schedule to comment.  







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