7 Reasons You Should Practice Gratitude

reasons to practice gratitude“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

 A new year has begun. You have gone through the past year full of successes and failures. You may have lost finances, a loved one, your home and even your job.  The doctor’s report was not too good. You suffered a bitter divorce.

In all these, there are reasons to be grateful. When you choose to be grateful, you align yourself to new opportunities and effect the change you desire in your life.

 In this blog post, we wil take a look at the 7 reasons why you should practice gratitude every day.

1. Worry and Fear Banished

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed and fearful of the future?  Perhaps, you have received a doctor’s report and you are confused as what to do. This is the time to calm down and practice gratitude. In that way you will be opening yourself up to things you can do to get well soon.  

Worrying and fear are robbing many of the life they are supposed to be living. This sometimes leads to depression and isolation. If you feeling fear and anxious right now, take about 10mins and write down at least  5 things you can be grateful. How did feel after this exercise?

2. Complaining stops

People who complain most often drain your energy if you are around them.  Do you find yourself complaining in life? It is time to stop the complaints and start practicing gratitude.  Practice gratitude instead of complaining.  

This increases you energy levels to help you to tackle the challenges of life. List all your complaints in a journal.  For each complain list one thing you can be grateful. Do you realize you can be grateful for so many things instead of going around complaining?

You are damaging your health and those around you by constantly complaining.

3. Courage and Motivation

The challenges of life calls one to be courageous and develop a motivated attitude. Gratitude empowers you to take risk and have courage to pursue your dream. Successful people always show courage in all their endeavors.

The secret to this,  is their willingness to express gratitude. Do you want to increase your courage and motivation?  Learn to practice gratitude every morning. Practice gratitude by journaling the things you want to be grateful.

4. Your Sleep is Enhanced

Many people suffer from sleep disorders. As a result, affect their performance in life and business. Sleep is very vital to your health and contributes to your success. Studies have shown cancer, type 2 diabetic, obesity and heart diseases have all been linked to reduced sleep.

Lack of sleep could be as result of so many factors. However, incorporating gratitude into your life will eliminate any anxiety and help you sleep better .

Psychologists Robert Emmons and Michael Macolloough asked people with neuromuscular disorders to list things for which they were grateful before they go to bed. After three weeks , participants reported longer and refreshing sleep.

5. Increase in your productivity

We all want to achieve more with the limited time we have at our disposal. Do you know that we tend to focus more on what is not working in life?  You must always stop and appreciate the things that working in our life. This brings renew hope to you and gives you the focus to find solutions to your challenges.  

\You will not waste time and energy on things you do have control over. Spend some time today to show gratitude for all your achievements..

6.  Confidence Booster

You need confidence to pursue your goals and dreams. This confidence is what drives and motivates you to take action. Lack of confidence is killing many dreams and visions. You constant show of gratitude will boost your confidence level to face any challenges confronting you.

Confidence is a very vital component of success. People can know from afar if you lack confidence.

7. Makes You Healthy

Your immune system will love it when you cultivate the habit of gratitude. Grateful people are optimistic.  Researchers say such a characteristic boosts the immune system. 

Optimism also has impact on people with health related issues. A study conducted found that people battling Aids and those going in for surgery had better health outcomes when they maintain an attitude of optimism.

Stress is another killer in our society. There is no doubt stress make people sick. It is the leading cause of heart diseases and cancer. However gratitude has been found to help manage stress better. Do you feel stressful right now?

Why not spend  the next couple of minutes to practice gratitude. Write down the things you can be grateful for in a journal.

Emmons’ research on gratitude suggests that feeling of thankfulness help people cope with their daily problems especially stress.

If you have found this article helpful, what can you add to the list above by way of your contribution to this blog? Please do not forget to share by clicking on the social media share buttons. Your comments are highly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time off your busy schedule to comment




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