7 Best  Ways On How To Be Creative

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”- Maya Angelou

Today, the “creativity” word is used in corporate organizations, educational institutions , political arena and in everyday life. We are all encourage to be creative but nobody teaches you how to be creative.

What is creativity? There are many definitions of creativity.  A number suggest that creativity is the generation of new ideas, involving innovation or radical new way of thinking. Other definitions suggest that creativity is simply using exiting knowledge to generate ideas in a different way.

Your creativity helps you to maximize  productivity. Creativity is a critical skill you must learn. You can be a productive person without exhibiting creativity.

It is essential you bring creativity into your everyday activities

In this article, you will learn the 7 best ways on how to be creative.

1. Do things Differently

Doing things differently can be tough because old habits are very difficult to break.  Maintaining the status quo has become  the norm for many people. If you want to learn how to be creative then you need to do the opposite of what everyone is doing.

Research by  Radboud University,  found that even just changing the way you make your usual sandwiches can help enhance your  levels of creativity.

Take some few minutes and practice thinking and doing things differently today. How did you feel?

2. Get Rid of Distractions

Distractions have become endemic in our society.  Your creativity can be stifled by these distractions. This is  because a distracted mind is an unfocused mind. A well-known children author was a classical example of the need to cut distractions.  He only allow few visitors into his writing hut.

3. Travel to a New Location

It is said , you are the product of our environment. Your environment can sometimes affect your creativity. If  you take a trip to different location, It will make you appreciate the way people in other cultures do things differently.  Reflecting on these experiences can awaken your creativity.

Your new environment can help shape your thinking. When was the last time you travel to an entirely new environment?

Research from living abroad, indicates that living and immersing yourself in a different culture can boost your creativity

4. Journal Everyday

Putting your thought down on paper is an effective method to adopt. Journaling enables you to put your all ideas on paper and then take a decision on the best possible ones to solve a problem.

If you find it difficult using ordinary paper journal ,  look for a journal app which you can install on your phone to make it easy for you.  Most successful people I know journal every morning. It will make a difference to your creativity and improve your problem solving skills.  Start journaling today.

5. Mind Mapping Technique

In mind mapping technique, you take a sheet of paper. In the center,  write down the main subject or problem you are meant to solve.  By drawing lines away from  the main subject , you write down idea s or solutions in a word form or use images. This is considered as level 2 of your mind mapping.

From the ideas you have written down you  draw lines from them and generate another set of ideas again. This is considered level 3 of your mind mapping. You can continue to as many levels as you want. This is entirely different from just listing ideas in a vertical format.

This method generates a big map at the end, and enforces the power of lateral thinking which can boost your creativity

6. Reading For 45 minutes Everyday

Every leader is a reader.  Leaders are also creative thinkers. Reading 45 minutes a day can be put into our schedules. If you are busy person,  you can push  your reading to the last hour before you finally retire to bed.

Reading enforces the brain to learn new information.  This new information can help you formulate  ideas and boost your creativity

7. Reverse Engineering Method

There is a saying that, if you want to be successful  study successful people. You can study what has been done by a successful person and use the reverse engineering method to come up with a similar thing.

This does not mean copying exactly what has been done. This method can motivate you to come with creative ideas about a project . It is  working with the known and coming up with ideas or solutions. When  you face a daunting task or project, simply look for how someone did it successfully and reverse engineer it.

If you have found this article helpful, what can you add to the list above by way of your contribution to this blog? Please do not forget to share by clicking on the social media share buttons. Your comments are highly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time off your busy schedule to comment.  

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